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Coffee. food. chill vibes.

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Image by Nathan Dumlao
Image by Nathan Dumlao


A port in a storm from what we call this busy, fast-paced life around us. Harpoon Hanna’s is the neighborhood sanctuary that happens to be a fine coffee shop. Seeking to spread a sigh of relief through consistency and reliability in our products and atmosphere. A commonly overlooked necessity we strive to provide through the expansion of our ideals in a concept lost in our present society.

211 Main Street
New Rochelle, NY 10801


Monday through Friday - 7 am - 4 pm
Saturday 8 am - 3 pm
Sunday 8 AM - 3 PM

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Image by Hans Ripa

drink menu



12oz, 16oz, 20oz, 24oz “megalodon”


16oz, 20oz, 24oz, 32oz “megalodon”

Drip Brew

(standard double shot)

Proper Espresso

(dub espresso w/ seltzer side car)


(equal parts steamed milk w/ dub espresso)

Captain’s Grog

(drip coffee w/ dub espresso)


(hot water w/dub espresso)

Hawt choc 

(hot choc w/ whip, torched marsh, graham cracker)

+ Double Espresso Shot

Cold brew + Nitro

Cold Brew

Nitro Brew

Hot Tea

Spring Greens

Perfect go-to green for everyday enjoyment, this spring-harvested Mao Feng tea from Zhejiang has a slightly sweet, vegetal aroma with a lingering fresh aftertaste. Peaceful, refreshing, and rejuvenating.

Jasmine silver tip

Delicate, tender green tea leaves from China's Fujian Province are harvested each May and steam-fired to maintain their flavor - then placed amid just-picked jasmine buds, which open slowly to share their fragrance

British Brunch

A rich blend of full-bodied Indian Assam teas paired with succulent Ceylon Dimbula, intense and floral Ceylon Uva, and a touch of smoky Keemun from Anhui Province in China.

Soothe Sayer

To soothe your throat and spirit in times of stress or illness, this comforting herbal infusion is a rejuvenating elixir of peppermint, ginger, and echinacea. Tastes uncommonly good, even when you don't have a cold. 

Latte Life


(dub espresso w/ milk)

Super special Lattes

(Pistachio, Caramel, Amaretto, Hazelnut, Lavender)

The Salted Nut Latte

(hazelnut, milk, dub espresso, whipped cream, smoked salt)

House-made Vanilla Bean Latte

(vanilla bean syrup, dub espresso, milk) 

Cinnamon Latte

(wildflower honey, dash of cinnamon, dub espresso, milk)

Dirty Chai Latte

(chai tea, milk w/dub espresso)

Chai Latte

(chai tea w/ milk)

Matcha Latte

(matcha tea w/ milk)


(chocolate sauce, milk w/ dub espresso)

Dulce de Leche Latte

(dulce de leche sauce, dub espresso, milk)

Iced Tea

Southern style tea

Peach tea


Some beach, somewhere

(blended pineapple, coconut & ice, topped w/ whip)

Mermaid Mar

(blended wild berries & milk, topped w/ whip) 

Copper bottom

(icey caramel goodness and cold brew)


(icey chocolate goodness and cold brew)


(64oz. /half gallon) 

*Filling the growler- bring your own and fill with your favorite cold brew or purchase our reusable growler

Box of Grog

96 oz of our House or French roast in our card board container. 


FOOD menu

Avocado Toasts

The Navigator toast

whole grain sprouted toast, avocado, olive oil, bagel seasoning. 


Devils Reef toast

whole grain sprouted toast, avocado, sliced deviled eggs.


Captains pipe

whole grain sprouted bread, avocado, goat cheese, walnuts, balsamic reduction, olive oil

Ricotta Toasts

Sawbones toast

sourdough toast, ricotta cheese, raspberry or apricot preserve 


Sailor’s beard

sourdough toast, ricotta cheese, sea salt and fresh cracked pepper 


Topside toast

sourdough toast, ricotta cheese, pistachios, drizzled honey, salt



Steel cut oats, chia, hemp seed, soaked over night with banana, walnut, brown sugar 


Steel cut oats, chia, hemp seed, soaked over night with blueberries and maple syrup 



Peg leg

English muffin, peanut butter, granola, honey, cinnamon


Crimson Tide

sourdough toast, pistachio spread ,strawberries, sliced almonds, drizzle of honey 


The Staple

Your choice of sourdough or multigrain toast with butter 


Add Pistachio cream spread 

Add Nutella spread 

Add Raspberry preserve 

Add Apricot preserve 


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